Otentik sunshade setup: On Grass

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Otentik sunshade setup: On Grass

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Otentik Sunshade set up in gardenSo…you’re thinking of using stakes with our stakeless sunshade?  Don’t worry, we won’t call you blasphemers or take any offense.  The great thing is that you can setup our sunshades pretty much anywhere.  On a sunny Florida day that is nearing 4,000° F, we set up our Otentik in the backyard and let the kids loose with hoses.  If you’re wondering what the melting point for a sunshade is, I can assure you that 4,000° F might be pushin’ it.

We’ve also seen sunshades attached to trees, the side of a house and even an APC. Not every setup will require the sand bags (or canvas bags, for rocky areas).  And sometimes stakes are just quicker and you want to start relaxing and having fun already.

It’s really not rocket science here, but that didn’t stop me from nearly getting impaled once by my garden stake, as it flew past my head at mach 3. OK…I may be exaggerating a bit here.

Setup tips for on grass:

  1. Slide the sand bags ‘up’ the rope and toward the sunshade. They’ll be out of the way and won’t get accidentally punctured.
  2. Place two stakes at opposite corners first with enough tension so the sunshade doesn’t have slack.
  3. Place a pole in one of those corners you’ve already anchored, to check that the tension isn’t too much.
  4. Put the other two stakes and the last pole in place. If it isn’t windy, we like to set up with poles in opposite corners.

Otentik Sunshade set up in backyardIf you’re ever having trouble, don’t hesitate to get in touch! In all our experience over the last year, not a single person was unable to get it working once they contacted us for advice.  Keep in mind, this is a novel product and it was designed for simplicity.  But it can take one or two tries before getting it just perfect!

We’re happy to help, so give us a call. =)

Ella (aka Big Kahuna)
Otentik USA
(321) 323 9138


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