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Large Otentik Sunshade

Otentik Sunshade Large


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The Otentik Sunshade is a great solution for the beach or any outdoor activity. It is fun, easy to set up and offers efficient protection from the sun. The BIG size is suitable for families of up to Seven people.



  • The Large Otentik beach sunshade fits up to seven people 9’ W x 9′ L x 6.5′ H
  • Poles are 6.5″ (202cm)
  • Easy and convenient to set up
  • Sand bags instead of stakes
  • Wind resistant
  • Easily change its angle to enjoy maximum shade
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • High quality, sun-proof, Sand-repellent Italian fabric
  • Stretchable in all directions and always goes back to its original shape and size

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 5 x 5 in

2 reviews for Otentik Sunshade Large

  1. Cindy N (verified owner)

    Love it! Easy to put up, takedown and handled wind great. No more messing with a heavy Ez-Up! Thank you!

  2. Iryna

    I bought the large size for our vacation in Spain. I really wanted to like the product. It does give lots of shade. However, this product is not for Europe, at least not the big size, regadless how big your family is. Europe hardly acknowledges umbrellas leave alone sails. The space is so limited that I was forced by the people who were laying around us on the beach to take the tent down. They plain did not allow me to put it up again, saying that I was taking too much space. It almost was a fight, and I had to respect the rules.

    • Jess Singleton (verified owner)

      Hi Lryna,

      Thanks for providing feedback about your experience with the sunshade. I’m sorry to hear it was too big for the beaches you went to. That sounds like a very frustrating experience! =( It is possible to shorten the ropes by sliding the sandbag up the rope towards the sunshade fabric, and tying an overhand knot in the rope. I’d be happy to see if we can exchange your large for a medium, if you prefer. If you ordered through us in the USA, please contact us at sales@otentik.us and for orders everywhere else it would be sales@otentik.com

      I hope to hear from you, and that we can get you a sunshade that suits your needs! =)

      (321) 323 9138

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