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How many people can the sunshade accommodate?

The small sunshade is ideal for one or two people; the medium is suitable for up to a family of 4 or 5; the large is good for up to 7 people. However, it also depends on your comfort, the set up and the sun’s direction.

Does it work when it's windy?

Yes, the sunshade was designed to work even better with wind. The idea is that you have free air flow underneath; if the wind picks up, it simply lifts the shade and give you more head room! 

How? First, make sure to fill the sand bags fully; stretch them out, until the fabric is taut; place poles near the corner, preferably on the side the wind is coming from. You can also bury them or build a sand barricade, when the winds are strong (over 20mph).

Why does it fall down?

If the poles are falling down, there are likely two things going wrong. First, the sand bags almost certainly need more weight in them. Particularly the ‘front’ bags, where the poles are placed in the corners. Those need sturdy anchors, so fill those bags until they’re at least 10-15lbs, even more! Wet sand helps. 😉

Second, the sunshade is probably not stretched out enough. There should be little to no slack when you’ve stretched the bags away from the sunshade. And there should be a good amount of tension when you go to place the poles.

Is it adjustable for when the sun moves?

Absolutely! You simply move a pole, or both, to different corners and redesign the shade, to make sure you have optimal shade at all times. Keeping one of the lower corners (that is – the ones without a pole) in the direction of the sun will help to provide max shade.

As always, if you have any questions give us a call!

Do I need to bury the pole?

Definitely not! What holds the poles in place is the tension from the sunshade fabric. When you’ve filled the bags sufficiently, you’ll feel the fabric is pushing the poles down towards the sand, and keeps them in place. Burying them will not stabilize the sunshade, and only reduce the head room. The sunshade will billow and move with the wind, so there will be a little movement in the poles. To stabilize them further, wrap the pole ‘sleeve’ around the top and tuck into itself, where the ball pushes through the sunshade.

Is the fabric sun-resistant?

The sunshade is made from Eurojersey Sensitive fabric, which is also used in swimwear and sportswear. It is therefore the perfect material for our product. In addition to UPF 50 sun protection it is also sand-repellent, strong, light weight, chlorine and saltwater resistant.

Does the sunshade provide full protection from the sun?

The sunshade is a convenient way to limit the sun’s harmful UV rays, however it does not fully protect from it. It’s rated to UPF 50, the highest of any fabric. Just like with anything else, you should still apply sun screen or limit your time in the sun. UV rays reflect off of other surfaces, like water and even the sand. So it’s not enough to just sit under a shade all day.

Where is the product manufactured?

The sunshade was invented by Otentik, an Israeli company and is manufactured in Israel.

Patent 52005

In december 2011, otentik filed and obtained an Israeli patent on the Otentik sunshade. the patent number is 52005 and it was issued on March 18, 2013