Otentik Sunshade

Available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

Otentik Product Features

Otentik SunShades are lightweight, compact and versatile. Set up on the beach, in your backyard or even in the water!

Easy, one person setup

Set up takes just minutes. Explore the variety of ways to setup your sunshade.


from real people, NOT robots.

  • "I'm a beach lover and this is by far the best sunshade I've ever had and I've gone through quite a few of them. Nothing has come close to the Otentik! Just spread it out, fill the bags with sand, position it into the wind, and put the poles under it. It works in tandem with the wind like a flag on a post. Not nearly enough friction to case the sandbags to budge. Best product I've purchased!" Lawrence
    Otentik Sunshade
  • Used it for a week on Daytona Beach. Super easy to set up and use. Best results are achieved when over packing the anchor's. When you think you have enough sand in it, keep adding until it won't hold any. Also, when adding sand, just dig a hole (you'll get wet, heavier sand also!) and then place the anchor in the hole! My only wish was that I had bought it YEARS ago! 🙂 Robert H.
    Customer Review | Henry
  • This is a great little sunshade. We took it to the beach and it worked great....even in some really windy conditions! I love that you can fill the sandbags and have them be in the water. Great for little ones who love running in and out of the water. I got the medium size in black and will probably get a large one. It did take me a few minutes and it was far from being as simple as the video on the Otentik website, but all in all, it worked great. I also spent quite some time tinkering with it and perfecting it. Sarah
    Sarah | Sunshade Review

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