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Otentik is a young Israeli start up, specializing in developing innovative lifestyle solutions. Our most useful and popular product we have come up with is Otentik’s Sunshade. The product was released in 2011, with great success around the world. No doubt the best solution for the beach: fast and easy to set up, lightweight and the most efficient protection from the sun.

The idea to develop the Otentik sunshade occurred to us when we saw umbrellas flying away on a windy afternoon at the beach. It took two years and several prototypes to find the ideal solution. The Otentik Sunshade’s user friendly design employs sand bags instead of stakes and can be used on any terrain. The sunshade is available in different colors, is light weight and easy to carry.

The ease of use and versatility of this product lead to the development of the brand, Otentik. The Sunshade, and Otentik lifestyle, goes with us practically everywhere. It is a must have product for all the outdoors lovers.

Otentik Sunshade in water


We currently carry three different models of sunshades. The Otentik Original is appropriate for small families of up to four people. The Otentik Big is perfect for up to seven people, or for those who prefer lots of room in the shade.

One of the significant advantages of our Sunshade is that it uses what the environment has to offer without harming it. Instead of attaching poles to the ground, cracking rocks or stretching ropes on trees, our Sunshade provides fast sun protection and maintains respect for our environment.

Our vision and drive is to create more intelligent solutions and products to use in our leisure culture, whether at the beach or anywhere outdoors. Stay up to date and follow us on social media, as we have big plans in the future.